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Add a Sent Items Rule in Outlook 2007

This is something I haven’t been able to figure out for a while, and had resorted to manually running a rule once in a while on my sent items folder. With a lot of googling and going through various websites, finally figured out a way to separate my official and personal mails into two separate folders.

I’ll list them out here as a problem statement and the steps through which I could do the same. Applying some logic to the order in which the ruled are and the settings, this can be extended for all Sent Items rules.

Objective: Move unofficial mails to a separate folder and maintain official mails in the Sent Items folder.

Step 01: Disable Sent Items Auto Save
Go to Tools > Options > E-mail Options
Uncheck “Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder”

Step 02: Set a rule to move official mails to Sent Items
Start with a blank rule and select a sent items rule as below
Sent Items Rule

Set the following:
With mycompany.com in the recipient’s address
Move copy to folder Sent Items
Be sure to check “stop processing more rules
Stop Processing More Rules

Step 03: Set a rule to move ALL sent mails to Unofficial folder
Start with a blank sent items rule as above
Set the following:
Sent from account Microsoft Exchange Server
Move copy to folder Unofficial
Through Specified Account

Since you have stopped further rule processing after the rule set under Step 02, such mails (i.e. official ones in my example) will not hit Step 03 rule. For this to work, make sure Step 03 rule is below the Step 02 rule.

Now, all mails except the ones to mycompany.com will be delivered to Unofficial folder whereas the ones to mycompany.com will remain in Sent Items.