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Excel VBA Tips & Tricks

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Am consolidating here some commonly required Excel VBA snippets in an FAQ form.

How to find the last row in a Worksheet?

How to clear the clipboard after a copy/paste operation?

Why am I not able to copy a range?

If I get a Column number, how can I get the Column alphabet?

Is there something else you would like me to add here? Just leave a comment.

Excel Default Colors for VBA

This is a handy reference list for the default Workbook.Colors list in excel.


In case you are interested in generating the same list, here is the code. ‘Colors’ here refer to the sheet name and you may have to replace it with a relevant value (say, Sheet1).

And wait, SplitColors is not a built in function. This is a small piece of code that takes in a Long color and returns 3 hex strings. Basically, a long to hex converter for a color. That one follows.

This is not a tutorial on how to use ColorIndex to set colors using Excel VBA. For details on that, take a look at this.