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In the world of entrepreneurship, generating innovative product ideas can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. As a business owner, you may face numerous challenges, from identifying the issues your potential customers grapple with to understanding their actual needs as opposed to what they say they want. You may also need to foresee the problems your customers will encounter after using your product and be prepared with solutions. The key to navigating this intricate landscape lies in a unique tool - prompts.

Prompts can be powerful catalysts in the process of product ideation. They serve as guiding questions that shed light on various aspects of your customer's journey. By exploring a range of prompts, you can delve deeper into the challenges your customers face, get a clear picture of their desires, and understand what they truly need to overcome their issues. This comprehensive understanding forms the basis of effective product development.

Furthermore, prompts allow you to anticipate the challenges that may arise post-success. It's common for new problems to emerge once a customer achieves their desired outcome using your product. Being prepared for this scenario can give your business a competitive edge, enabling you to provide continued support to your customers and solidify their trust in your brand.

Prompts also offer an organized approach to brainstorming potential solutions to your customers' problems. By creating a table of product suggestions across various formats like video, audio, text, and physical products, you can address different customer preferences and needs. Each product can then be tied back to the specific problem it solves, allowing for a targeted and effective solution.

To assist you on this journey, the following sequence of thoughtfully crafted prompts is presented. They serve as valuable conversation starters with AI, like ChatGPT, to guide you in unearthing those untapped product ideas. By systematically exploring these prompts, you'll be well on your way to transforming insights into innovative products that resonate with your audience. Let's commence this exciting expedition:

"Create a list with the 20 biggest problems that [AVATAR] who [DESIRE] faces in their day-to-day life."
"Of these, which are the 5 most common?"
"What do people who go through these problems want?"
"And what do they really need to achieve this?"
"What problems will they encounter immediately after achieving the result they want?"
"Let's list all kinds of solutions we could offer for all these problems, in different delivery formats. I want you to create a table with the following columns: Video, Audio, Text, Physical Product, Others. For each column, I want you to create at least 5 product suggestions."
"For the above table, add a column "What problem does this product solve?" and describe the problem and how it solves it."

Give it a try, test it out, and get ready to see great results. We hope that this simple sequence of questions can truly help generate excellent product ideas. You might surprise yourself with what you can discover. Good luck!

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